happy new year!

Buy Pig with Daffodils in Bushel at AllPosters.comIn keeping with the spirit of the year of – not only the pig, not only the fire pig, but the golden pig as well (once every 600 years) we’ve started moving into our new home. It feels as though we’ve got possessions strewn across the countryside as we’ve got a foot in each house at the moment. But we’re getting there. It’s been a long time coming and it feels very, very good to be undertaking this major change in our lives at this most auspicious time.

2 thoughts on “happy new year!

  1. kate

    Congrats on the new house! I’m sure moving is a hassle but it must be pretty exciting. Is it far from where you were?

    Best of luck to you all anyhow!


  2. lynsey Post author

    Hi Kate, the new house is just down the road – not in an Aussie sense 😉 – as in I can walk there in 10 minutes if I take time out to take cuttings – ah – to take photos and smell the flowers along the way. It’s not too much hassle, and I’m getting fitter and stronger each day (which also feels great). We’re doing most of the shift ourselves. M has figured out we’re walking on average 5km a day, mostly up and down stairs loading the van. Thanks for the luck, we keep finding things are turning out really well (what we thought were obstacles were just ways of protecting us from stuff we didn’t want). Example – yesterday we tried to buy some new wire for the old rotary clothes line. Couldn’t get any. Gave up on the get wire idea, went to another shop, tried to get a complete new clothes line – scungy service, couldn’t find any, gave up. Today, different shop, found a new clothes line, and Bob, the clothes line man gave us 10% off for no apparent reason. We’re liking Bob! By this time tomorrow, thanks to my father-in-law’s expertise, we’ll be ready to set up our own laundry. Yay!

    I’m planning on writing about the conversion of the ‘garden’ into a garden once we get in fully – starting v.soon (in a separate blog).

    Thanks for dropping by – so lovely to hear from you, a wonderful surprise.

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