home, sweat home

Phew! We finally mostly made it. Still got a few bits and bobs to move, but we’re 90% in our new home. Excitingly our living/dining room could be mistaken for a secondhand furniture salesroom, and there’s an entire world of new stuff that is our old stuff but that we forgot about. I took a van load of recycling and rubbish to the landfill centre and watched with joy as reams of paper – lawn clippings of research for my degree – vanished into the cave owned by the paper-only dragon.

Somewhere, a few days ago, I reached a conclusion that if I do go on to further study I’ll be storing more on digital, and less on paper – I’ve still got folder after folder to go through – the ultimate fate of which will probably be recycling with the paper-only dragon.

Meanwhile, further study is miles over the edge of the horizon. I’d rather spend time getting setting this house and garden in order. And besides, based on my previous experience, funding renovation and funding degrees is not that easy. Easy really appeals to me now; having spent a good few days sweating while lugging stuff around…

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