drag and drop

Buy Life in a Wish Bowl at AllPosters.comWe moved most of the garden today – at least, those parts of the garden we intended taking with us. The biggest production number was moving the goldfish (and their pond). I wish the exercise had been more like the image, with a small bowl, and fish that moved themselves, but no…

It’s not that the task was too much, just time consuming as I emptied the water (keeping some aside to bring so the fish wouldn’t be shocked by the new water), pulled out the plants, put water in the tub that was the new ‘pond’, caught the fish and slid them into the ‘pond’, removed the fountain, filter and pump, and continued emptying the pond (using a bucket, and the a plant pot to scoop the last of the water out). Not exactly a goldfish bowl.

The ‘trick’ of doing this is to move quickly, so the plants and fish are out of their home for the minimum time, so that any shock is minimised. I, of course, am aching from the shifting over the past few days, and so blessed the removal of bricks from around the pond – when I first started I could lift and carry six. And then it became five…

I dug the pond out, and dragged it away to be washed – I didn’t want to get clay all through the van. When the outside of the pond was dry I loaded it in, and sped off to locate the pond in the new location. I wanted to get the new water in asap so the chlorine would have time to evaporate out, and so that the algae growing on the pond walls wouldn’t dry out excessively. I sprayed the water in so it was actived – aerated – excited – all helping to clear the chlorine and generally make the water more fish friendly.

Later in the day I brought the lily (still flowering) and the plants back in, and finally we added the goldfish – who seemed more than happy with the changes. The new location will allow for better cleaning (yay for all of us) and we’ll be able to see the pond on a daily basis. All I need to do now is move the bricks back around the pond and the job is done. ALL I have to do… I think I can lift a brick in each hand now and that’s my limit. I’ve dragged, and I’ve dropped.

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