our story begins…

Buy Home is Where Your Story Begins at AllPosters.comIt’s seven pm – 19:00 hours. I’m in bed, writing, with a bottle of chilled summer ale close at hand. A moment, while I have a sip – ahhh.

I’m not in bed this early because I’m unwell, rather it’s finally time to relax and unwind a little. Today we finally finished shifting from our old house to our new home. We’ve still got plenty of sorting out to do – decluttering (my apologies to the parents and friends of St Francis de Sales – your gala is going to be filled with our unwanted stuff). And thank you to friends and family who have helped with elbow grease and fortifications to get us here, tools borrowed from Mate, and Kirsty’s grandad, and the 10,000 banana boxes from Thorndon New World. And so, now, I’m sitting in bed wearing my best fedora, having a beer, and writing – it doesn’t get better than this.

We’re very excited and happy to be in our own home; granted, some of it is partly shared with the nice people from KiwiBank – according to our solicitor, “a bank for old ladies and tree huggers”. And they – the old ladies and tree huggers – thought that apparently they could include us too. The shift has taken its toll of the three main players – Zofia, Marica and I – we’re all aching and finding bruises, cuts and scratches in places we didn’t know we had places. We have learned more about our strengths and how we work, together and apart; and what we’re like when we’re tired, stressed, hungry, thirsty – in short, when we’re ‘over this’. We kept on working until we couldn’t do it any more – and then we did more.

I guess in years to come we’ll talk at family meals about the time we moved and how this or that happened and what happened next. We will have forgotten the aches and pains, and instead remember the joys and strengths we gained. Like everyone before us, and many yet to come, we’ve waited a long time to get new home. We’ve fought and struggled to first get the money, and then make the move. But we’re there now. Thankfully there. And this is part of the start of our story, as our story begins…

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