goldfish autumn

Buy Run Away at AllPosters.comDid the first clean of the new goldfish pond – effortless by way of comparison with previous experiences. We’ve located the pond on the front entrance way landing and, for the first time, the ‘above ground’ has come to mean ‘above the ground’. Armed with a length of garden hose I can get a siphon going, and because the hose is quite long I can recycle the pond water (and the goldfish gunge) into the potted olives and citrus trees nearby. It’s a win-win-win situation for us all – the fish, the trees, and me – the sucker on the end.

The end result is the fish get very excited and active when the fresh water sprays in – they seem to be having such fun as they swim around, swimming into the stream – it’s like they’re going to swim up the stream, up and out.

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