law of diminishing returns

image from few years ago I was in Italy and was surprised to get lollies instead of change in a supermarket. It happened in Spain too. Today, I offered 50 cents for a standard 45 cent postage stamp, and received no change.

‘There aren’t any more five cent coins.’

So why don’t NZPost hand over 5 cent stamps as change instead? It’d be an ideal way of making money. Me – the customer is happy because I get my 5 cents. They’re happy because the stamp costs an incalculably small amount to make.

Better than printing money or shares in Chris Trotter’s vacuous writing. Apparently when Chris sold out to Fairfax, basic research was not not part of the bargain – and while it’s true a journo should never let the truth stand in the way of a good story, apparently Chris doesn’t feel it should stand in the way of a bad story either…

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