leaves of grass

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The whine of lawn mowers and weed eaters – power tools mulching, chopping, grinding, cutting – the new section of the orchestra. I quite like mowing lawns (so long as the mower starts first time) – it gives me the satisfaction of being able to see where I’ve been, and to strike a blow against the entropy of the gardening universe. I get to see the garden from all angles, and I get a rare chance to reflect on the development of the once and future garden. I never use a catcher, and I like to think that my mowing is gradually building the fertility back into the soil. As usual, that’s an opinion based on no real scientific evidence, but I figure if I don’t remove the nutrients from the source, the combined forces of photosynthesis, earthworms, dust being blown in from elsewhere, and simply fingers crossed, the topsoil just might be reinforced.

I progressed to replanting some roses – having removed them from their temporary pots or their wet newspaper wrapping after the shift a couple of weeks ago. And, because I’m completely lazy, I sorted out the irrigation ‘system’ so that it now worked. It’s not beautiful, but I have managed to deliver water to the rose garden without getting bored – resulting in some roses getting drenched while others are still dry. Roses are still a learning curve to me … plenty of new things to learn in my backyard. I’m getting a feel for it though – where the sun hits and where the wind hits, and what my final garden design will be like.

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