where are the birds?

Buy Bird of Happiness print at AllPosters.comOne of the attractions of our new home is that it’s closer to the Karori Reserve and I expected to have a greater number and diversity of birds in our garden. I’ve been surprised, and not a little peeved to find the birds have found other places to be. Not even the sparrows and starlings are here. I have seen two different cats which provoke a – note to self – must get slingshot – response. I bought a Titoki tree (sapling) yesterday ($8 on sale at the Warehouse – 50% off) – I plan to incorporate it into the to-be-created native garden. Hopefully as the Titoki grows the fruit will attract pigeons. There’s an established kowhai – that surely must bring Tui in Spring – I could hear one on Saturday calling through our corner of the valley.

Perhaps the issue with the absence of birds is the absence of food – although I would’ve thought there was at least something for everyone. Meanwhile, there is something for everyone over at the Greenbelt’s Bird and I.

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