It seems like ages since I’ve written here – I’ve been ‘enjoying’ a week or so of hay fever and this always leaves me feeling numbed out. I’ve had hay fever before, but since arriving in the capital I’ve found it to be particularly bad. I have been wondering if it’s the gorse flowers that give me a bi-annual buzz, but I suspect it’s more likely to be the politicians getting up my nose. The other joy has been – despite propaganda to the contrary – I was able to ring a plumber friday night, have him confirm he would be here on Saturday at 8, he arrives, accurately diagnoses (noses) the situation (the sewer is blocked), tells me who to call H2O Contractors Ltd – the team who cleaned the political grime off Parliament, I call, they arrive, I run around turning compressors on and off with the nice technician guy, it all happens, and before 10 we’re all flowing freely. Smooth movement. Fantastic.

And now I can start to write again.

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