when you go out, hold hands…

Nothing like practical advice.

Today on the waterfront there was an older couple holding hands – in much the same way as I hold hands with my wife (we’re old fashioned) – and I was struck with how wise the couple apppeared. I wondered what their story was, but I knew if I asked they’d tell me and I’d have to spend the rest of the afternoon in their charming company, on the waterfront, in the indian summer afternoon; instead of going back to work and sitting at my desk. Because that’s what I’d rather do. Oh yes, I rather do that.

Mark Bernstein mentioned the ten years of scripting.com, and from there I found Dave Winer’s comment about holding hands in cyberspace; and how communication used to suck. I think this is a great article – partly the vim and vigor of standing on the rim of the bleeding edge – but partly because with the ‘wisdom’ of ten years on, communication still sucks, and holding hands still seems like a fundamentally sound idea – human to human communication through touch has still yet to be surpassed by mere technology.

Despite that, I hold hands with people on my list (see column, right) on a daily basis – I read their writing, wonder what they’ve been up to and feel glad they’re sharing their lives with me (and probably six billion of their closest friends). Thanks, guys. Holding hands is a good thing.

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