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image of yahoo serious from http://www.yahooserious.com/I really hate advertisers treating kids as though they’re some how stupid. You know the one – a place for kids to do something that will ultimately benefit adults is branded with bad type (letters backwards as an example), and deliberate misspellings (kidzone). It’s not cutey cutey. It’s tacky tacky. See also bee boy (one word) dot org. I’ve avoided using the url or using a clickable link, because I don’t want to fan their feeble coals in the search engines. The site is presented as the personal site of Barbara Somerville, M.S., M.Ag., Ph.D. Bee Researcher. She writes (or not, more accurately) about ‘Bernard’, a boy raised by bees. A sort of postmodern Mowgli. There are photos that look like Yahoo Serious as a lad. It could be cool, or funny, or even entertainment. And perhaps it is intended as such. But for me, it stops around about the time I discovered the site is not slung together not by Ms Somerville, but instead, according to Nomi at Notes on Design, it’s the work of Ogilvy Canada, in an attempt to promote Hone yComb cereal. That would be another fine product from Kraft…which is like Craft, but misspelled for the benefit of children everywhere.

I don’t think Yahoo would like it, no, not one little bit.

By the way, the link at Notes on Design link was as a result of checking out the Notes on Design by Penelope Dullaghan, that would be Penelope Illustration, that would be the Illustration of Illustration Friday. That Penelope. Illustration Friday – I haven’t lifted a pencil, pen, or paint brush in anger for what seems like years. It’s probably not more than months, but it seems like forever. I have been writing every day, and taking photos, walking and thinking. But creating something more of a graphic art? This weekend perhaps.

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