disturbed on the waterfront

Wellington, on a good day, is second to none. Today was one of those halcyon days down on the waterfront, even the waves were feeling lazy at lunchtime.

Wandering back to the office after my midday meditation, I overheard a couple of young men-about-town –

“You know, for me, Sue Bradford has a certain je ne se quoi.”

No reply, just a look of complete incredulity.

“No, really, she’s some how managed to remain cute as she’s aged.”

image from http://content.answers.com/I’d go with that, Sue, if I were you. I left them yelping somewhere near the Water Whirler – they might still be there.

For gentle readers from other climes, Sue Bradford is a New Zealand politician (Green Party). Based on overhearing this fascinating snippet I think the Greens might have a secret weapon in the upcoming election in the Gen-Y age group. Have Sue play the cute card.

Who would’ve thought it? Of all the descriptions I’ve ever heard of Sue Bradford, this would have to be the most genuinely surprising…

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