2 minute poseA week or so ago I noticed one of my colleagues drawing during a meeting. Who doesn’t draw at meetings – for some time I thought their sole purpose was to engage people in a reflective drawing interlude. Back to my colleague – he wasn’t doodling, he was drawing. Interesting.

I asked him if he’d had any training, and no, he was a natural – i.e. self taught artist. We spent some time talking about drawing (he was interested because I’d noticed the drawing vs doodling thing).

15 minute poseHe, like I, often spends longer at work while we wait for our respective wives to finish their working day. I mentioned to him that I was thinking of going along to do some life drawing and he, like me, thought that spending a quiet couple of hours starting at a nude woman was not a bad idea, and may even be good for our health. And if we made some drawings, well, so much the better.

25 minute poseWe headed off – me with my roll of aquarelles and a sketchbook, he with some pencils, pens and some paper hooked from the photocopier – desperate times call for desperate measures. Going to life drawing for the first time is quite a daunting prospect.

40 minute poseFortunately my colleague was more than able to manage the situation. The model was also quite daunting in herself, storming in, taking the pose, and generally working at being a model, quite irrespective of us – the artists.

I had a great time – my drawings weren’t overly hot, but I haven’t drawn from life for about five years so you get a bit rusty. I used to have no problems with hands and feet – unfortunately our model appears to have had transplants from an eagle. Or silly putty. Or something. My colleague’s drawings were rather impressive – for someone who’s never drawn from a model before he did (annoyingly) well. *Sigh* I’m still working on creating drawings that actually bear a passing resemblance to the person – drawing is one thing, likenesses are something else.

We’ll try again next week – we booked the session into our calendars, and our workmates – well, we’ve managed to supply them with hours of entertainment although sadly for us, a singular lack of interest in becoming models themselves. In some cases, however, this may be a good thing…

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