give the direct oval a half hour’s practice each day…

Image from http://bibliodyssey.blogspot.comThe first time I saw this kind of penmanship was in an old “Speedball” lettering book, long since vanished. Speedball made the nibs, and the book was a combination instruction manual, and of course, if they inspired people, somewhere along the way nibs were sold.

I love this kind of work, and knowing that it is done by hand makes it even more mind boggling to me – if I can find the time and patience that I didn’t have as a kid, it might be possible. I had forgotten about it and then thanks to the amazing BibliOdyssey I not only rediscovered the idea, but found some great examples as well.

Now, all I need to do is find 30 minutes a day, and a direct oval, and I’m in – well, if not business, then helping the ink and nib business along.

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