planning for success

A few years back I used to use one of those industrial strength planners. You know, with the clippy-in pages, and black leather binding. When I arrived it looked like I was about to convert you…’Have you accepted planners into your heart?’

One of the weak links in the chain was finding a steady supply of the page$ – and then there was the whole drama ‘I need a day plan but not a week plan’ and then and then… they were supposed to increase my productivity but instead I went nuts. Perhaps that was more productive. And then PDA’s came out and it all went digital – ie productivity became a matter of on and off. Mostly off from my perspective. My PDA is gathering dust somewhere.

I’ve come to think that my life would be better planned if there was less in my life – after all, as my old boss used to say, ‘there isn’t a roof rack on the hearse, you know.’

Then, the other day, I found someone (Douglas Johnston, to be precise) had finally broken through, and produced D*I*Y planner kits. The concept is blindly simple – design up pages suitable for running through a printer. Export a pdf of the aforementioned pages. Print out the ones you want. On the colour and quality of paper you want. Cut up the sheets to suit. Clip them together with a bulldog clip (or hole punch them and accept them into one of those ‘are you saved?’ leather binders). Blammo, productivity soars. Loving it. Didn’t find the template of your dreams? There’s a number of user submitted templates. Even instructions on how to design your own. Yay! Creative Commons makes it social but sensible.

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