I am Joe’s Goals…

If you haven’t cleaned out the garage for some time, in the back corner, underneath the yogurt maker, the budgie cage, the fondue set, and those lovely dayglo orange lampshades (no, wait, there’s a fortune to be made in retro decor) there’s a pile of slightly musty Reader’s Digest magazines. The third one down (no, the OTHER third one) contains an article entitled “I am Joe’s Heart”, or “I am Joe’s Lung”, or “I am Joe’s Gonad”. I should mention that I believe DeWitt and Lila Wallace are perhaps the first bloggers – they took content from other sources and repurposed it for their own publication, and they incorporated feedback – jokes and comment from readers. I always used to try to nail the ‘Word Power’ section. Usually got near to it. But I digress.

It should come as no surprise that some enterprising person should repurpose ‘I am Joe’s bits’ into Joe’s Goals. I’m liking the simple and effective interface, and the generally useful journal. Compact, speedy, versatile – it just works. And as seeing as I’m more likely to have net access with a spare moment than a pen and a diary, that’s a good thing. I also like the positive reinforcement of the chart. Here’s what other people are using Joe’s Goals for – the most popular goals from the last 7 days:

Get Inspired with Joe’s Goals
Thousands of people use Joe’s Goals every day to track their consistency in accomplishing their every day goals. This page is meant to inspire you to get started tracking and meeting your goals. See what others are doing and get ideas to help you live your life more effectively.

When you click on the links you can see how well the rest of the vitamin takers/nail nibbler/flossers are doing. Kind of compelling in an almost too much information kind of way, but you keep clicking anyway – I mean, who knew?

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