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I haven’t been writing here much lately, I’ve been working backstage on books and some other projects, plus there’s a fine range of other writing scenes. I’ve owned a computer since the mid 80s and I still can’t program, although I’m no slouch at html. I realised over the weekend how much of my life now swings around people giving a great deal of thought and work to the various web 2.0 applications I use – wordpress, blogger, flickr, moodle, and others; and my new delight, TiddlyWiki. I’ve finally managed to build something using TiddlyWiki that I’ve wanted for a very long time – an interactive journal that’s private, portable, and simply does all the things a book journal would do, plus with the added bonus of being searchable and customisable. I’m very grateful to Jeremy Ruston (and the merry band of followers, including Morris Gray’s TWHelp) for putting together TiddlyWiki, and then making it available for free. Thank you, each and everyone of you coders, designers, you mad midnight workers – I know the feeling, and I am very grateful for your efforts.

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