how to sketch a portrait

You can have fun drawing online at BenettonPlay. This is a 37 frame animated gif. The whole process is managed through a Flash 9.0 application. I suspect given how long it took to save and render that if you’ve got dialup and an old computer try the 5 frame animations. My prototype was 100 frames. Um, everything died. It is fun, and the results are easily achieved, albeit slowly. I particularly liked the ‘onion-skin’ approach as this allows for quite accurate animation and tweening, if that is your wish. I didn’t need it for this anim, but it’s good never-the-less. In many respects (ignoring the time just w-a-i-t-i-n-g for flash to do it’s thing) more fun than aquarelles on paper because you can undo and/or white (or other colour) out.

Update: 24 hours later three people liked 🙂 my little drawing. Wow! Thanks folks, I’m delighted.

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