further tiddlywiki applications

Writing on from the use of a memory stick for a mobile research centre, there’s a little extra to add. It’s probably worth having a 1gb stick rather than a 2gb, because with a little care and attention you can can keep the volume of the contents down to the level whereby you can back up to cd effortlessly. Memory sticks can die without warning and so a backup plan is useful. Portableapps supports a backup as well – of course, if it’s valuable, you’ve backed it up; if it’s not, it doesn’t matter. Right?

I tried setting up my iPod with the same kind of set up (as mentioned above), it works, but my iPod (the 30gb model) was so sluggish it’s not something I’d actually use except for backup. The solid state nanotypes might be better, but given the price of memory sticks now crowbarring software on to an iPod is hardly worth the effort.

With regard to references, Cynthia Russell has created a tiddlywiki dedicated to APA referencing, and another on qualitative research.

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