shrinking world, expanding world

One of the things I love about writing here is I get to see (to an extent) what other people are up to and how they are interacting with Marginalia. I used to have a huge amount of interest (from visitors) in how to boil eggs. Yep, you can see that I’m renown for in depth analysis. But wait, there’s more. People have also been extremely interested in how to deal with their husbands, or my husband is bored with me, or worse, my husband is a slob. I think I should spend some time writing the husband faq – as a husband myself I guess I should know something. (Wives everywhere are screeching, “As if”, or “Only if I tell you what you know” – and of course, here in New Zealand, it’d be “Yeah, right”.) So, yeah I’m a centre for crucial stuff to know, and if I didn’t have an opinion about it before, you can bet I will very soon. People have commented that my writing is random – and so I even wrote about how nothing is random.

So, today, I find a connection from DagCentral. Dag’s always good for a read. I mosey over and see what I did to attract her attention. Seems she entered in the address to here ‘incorrectly’ and instead found another Marginalia. Woo-hoo – I’m liking this. The writer is Peteris Cedrins, and he reflects on readings and observations in politics and history, focused primarily on Latvia and the periphery of the European Union — Latgallia. Latgallia. Interesting.

As Dag says, “Synchronicity, my peeps!” One of my workmates recently returned from extended travel to Edinburgh, … and Latvia. As you do. I can genuinely say that until then, Latvia hadn’t been on my top 10 places to next visit. Granted, well above the morass that is Zimbabwe, but more in an alphabetical sort of way. My colleague reassured me that Latvia was now on her top 10, and that given the new found strength of the kiwi dollar, and the great range of delights that await a visitor to Latvia it should be given renewed consideration. I think I’m the only person in New Zealand to have never visited Vietnam, so perhaps (hopefully) I can lead the charge for more European climes.

And so, within days of the conversation, I find a Marginalia, in and of Latvia. Thanks, Dag, good spotting, and thanks for the cataloging as one of the ‘Creatures from the BL0G Lagoon’. I’m loving that. My day is immediately better.

2 thoughts on “shrinking world, expanding world

  1. indeterminacy

    I read the “My husband is a slob” post – I will send it to my wife. Maybe I’ll get some understanding 🙂

    Thanks for linking me in your post, too. Things have been hectic lately as my site showed up on google’s “blogs of note” list. There’s been a lot of traffic, and I’ve been posting more frequently.

  2. lynsey Post author

    Hi Indy
    Thanks for dropping by – have been following your blogs of note frenzy – good for you – congratulations. Also the more frequent posting – ah the curse of fame 🙂 um, as for more understanding – pft – mate, if only it was that easy. Apparently, all you need is love, love; love is all you need.

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