happy birthday

August 1 – 170,000+ words – seems I’ve slowed down – 30,000 fewer words this year than last. Diversions, diversions, diversions. Tiddlywikis (warning: not to be even looked at by anyone with any sort of addictive or compulsive opportunities), the leash that is my job, another couple of new writing spaces for me (Tea Garden and Turnbull Group), set up spaces for others (Trevor’s Thought Bubbles, and The Armchair Traveller), changed house and garden, cavorted off for a tropical interlude, made some digital stories, made some photographs, made some drawings, and wrote somewhere almost every single day, probably not less than a thousand words. It’s been a busy and creative year – I don’t apologise if this sounds self indulgent – I figure that if we don’t pause to take stock of what we do, and have done, every now and again, we’ll forget the huge volume of work, the effort, and the successes. Someone I know finally found marginalia the other day and was surprised, “Goodness, there’s a heap of writing there!” Yep, sure is. Thank you, regular readers, you scattered-around-the-world things you. Not a day goes by where I don’t wonder in passing about what you’re up to, your creative moments, your joys and your sadnesses – if I’m having them and doing it then I’m sure you are too. It feels better knowing you’re out there. Thanks for stopping by.

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