the landscape of dreams…

The other night after I’d been skyping with Marcel and discussing our respective views on architecture and houses in particular, I had a very clear dream about a very specific view of landscape. I’ll make a drawing of it over the next day or so – perhaps someone will recognise it and tell me where it is. I’m very interested, because this was where we’re going to build the house. And, if you can identify the property, you’ll get a very personal invite to the house warming (like global warming, the el niño of the 21st century, but with better drinks). Be assured, our parties are legendary.

The land is this wonderful grassy field, and it slopes gently before dropping slightly more sharply into a bay with boulders. The waves cause a particular roar with boulders, different to the sound of the ocean on a sandy beach. Around the curve of the bay and past the headland is the township – although we’re near a town, there are no other houses apparent.

It’s a beautiful place and I feel challenged by the site to design a house that really captures the spirit of the place; not to hold, but to release it to fly to even greater heights.

I dream about landscapes quite often, there have been three that have been frequent enough to become familiar – I know what is where, and what to expect next, and even which is the easiest way to get up a hill in one landscape. I’m not convinced about previous lives, or whether these are simply smudged memories from my childhood, or a composite of memories, wishful thinking, and photographs; but it’s nice to feel at home, even if it’s in my dreams. I’ll probably be able to afford the real estate in my dreams…perhaps.

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