The child is father to the man

mini-meI’m trying to be not disturbed by the fact that about 45+ years later I have the same hairstyle, heading back towards the same hair colour, I still look at cameras over my shoulder, I still wear jerseys with a vest thing, and I still wear headphones – waiting, now, not for the kid’s session on the radio, but for skype to get its act together. Or, every day in the office, keeping the office hubbub down to a manageable buzz. Karma. Not calmer.

2 thoughts on “The child is father to the man

  1. Zofia

    This is a really cute picture! Where on earth did it come from?!!

    What does the ‘Personal’ tag on the image mean?

    It is funny how you still look very much like your younger self except for the fact that you are, well obviously, older now!

  2. lynsey gedye Post author

    It’s from a local magazine called ‘Photo News’ which was initially launched by a local photographer. At the time taking photos was still pretty much a science – black and white was the norm, and it was common to have a pro photographer to visit your 21st party/wedding/whatever to get snaps. Think: ‘Happy Days’ and you’ve pretty much got the picture. Television had been invented – and it was in black and white too. Actually, everything in NZ at that time was smudges of dark grey and light grey… ;}

    The ‘Personal’ tag – how accurate – kind of like tags today – in this case it was on a page of photos of individuals – strangely, on the page there is a photo of a guy I was later (about 15 years later) to work with – at the time he’d just got back with his woman after touring with the NZ ballet – he’d been a roady for the company. I only clicked on this when I got the photo for the posting. Kind of strange really. It’s a bit like enlarging photos of you, aged 4, and there, in the background is a picture of someone you now work with (20 years later). It’s a strange feeling.

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