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I’ve been away for the last couple of days sorting out some of my past lives. It’s alternatively hilarious and tragic, but almost always enlightening. Often the discoveries about me, myself, and I come thundering in and give me a whomp and I’m amazed at how this stuff happened around me and I didn’t notice, didn’t know, didn’t catch on, and/or didn’t care.

The most recent learning was to discover that when I was a child I lived with my parents and siblings in a tiny village – today a slightly fashionable widening in the road, then it was a little wider, but a lot less fashionable. There was also a magazine – I’m guessing tabloid (later: actually broadsheet – 17 x 22 inches – about twice the size of tabloid) in size – that had a dusky pink cover – the Auckland Weekly News.

According to my sister, there was a family who lived in this little town, and they never traveled in their car without a supply of Auckland Weeklys. Apparently, they would tear out pages from the magazine, and throw them out the car window as they drove along in order to frighten the elephants away.

I didn’t see any elephants driving up or back. Damn effective I’d say. I believe the Auckland Weekly News ceased publication in 1963.

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