from exploratory nibbles to big bites…

Image from http://spirithousesafari.blogspot.comI did manage to swim to shore long enough to be convinced that the local bug vendor had some pretty tasty goods and imbibed on some pretty dang yummy fried silkworms!
Ben Livingston

We just got back from a cultural exchange in Austin, Texas. A rich panoply of delights were explored, including the company of neon artist, Ben Livingston, and his delightful wife, Patti. We tripped over them in a tour of the mean streets of the Austin arts quarter, and well, one thing lead to another, and we somehow managed to convince Ben that writing about his experiences and adventures as he travels through Asia in pursuit of photographs and stories of spirit houses would be a good thing. And good thing it is – thanks, Ben, for sharing your experiences – and for not sharing the bugs.

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