Oh, the power of the net/googbots. I get home from work, and find this email in my inbox:

Dear Lynsey,

In the spirit of living dangerously, I invite you to take the “Banned Book Challenge.” The Pelham Public Library in Fonthill, Ontario, Canada is once again challenging people to set a goal of their own choosing to read books that have been banned or challenged. The challenge runs from Feb. 24 (Freedom to Read Week in Canada) to June 30.

Sign up here: http://pelhamlibrary.blogspot.com/2008/01/banned-book-challenge.html and read the rest of the blog to explore these issues with us.


My first thought? Horrors! Busted! Have I ever borrowed books from the Pelham Public Library in Fonthill, Ontario? And applied my usual, ‘non-return’ policy? Quick check. No, apparently not (yet). Phew. Ok. Let’s go have a look. Oh, before you do, if you’re a Wellywood local (and who doesn’t want to be, be serious now) you can grab the kids and head off to the city libraries for Out of Reach: the forbidden bookshelf and explore some banned kids books. Banned kids books? What on earth can be so utterly scary that kids books have to be banned? I think I need to find out, however, in my opinion, some the selection is fairly genteel – Harry Potter (obvious – made the author filthy, obscenely rich), and His Dark Materials (again, obvious, apparently hideously deformed movie version). Otherwise, why aren’t the Babar the Elephant books there? All those naked elephants and French colonial attitudes – what are they teaching our young’uns, Jack Zipes, what?

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