surreal event of the day

Sin CityToday I had a new experience – a first. While lounging around in my dentist’s surgery, enjoying the full application of technology to sorting out my aberrant tooth, I was able to watch a movie. How cool is that?

Unfortunately they didn’t have any KennyG videos, or Marathon Man – so I was happy to accept Sin City. I hadn’t seen it on the big screen and it had been strongly recommended to me. The sound was delivered via very nice, battery powered headphones, which unfortunately flat lined after about 45 minutes into the movie. That’s ok, I’ll see the rest next week :} oh endless joy.

It was, however, more than slightly Clockwork Orange (or Monty Python) -ish to be reclining watching a movie in which sex and violence take a forefront in the storyline, whilst two women yabber away oblivious to the spectacle taking place above their heads. It occurred to me that this is possibly where Michaelangelo was going with the Sistine Chapel ceiling – no-one below could work out what was going on, but he was entertained anyway. I barely managed to suppress the giggles at the thought.

Now, if only there’d been some nitrous oxide or other substances I’m sure the whole scenario is something Hunter S Thompson would’ve enjoyed…

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