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Since the early days of the new year I’ve spent hours labouring over DeepBlue, my laptop. First I did a web site design for my mate’s business and installing the various applications within that – the forum and shop as examples. Then across the various AkoNet writing spaces finding the page presentation was incompatible with the engine upgrade. I still haven’t resolved all the issues, but they’re presentation rather than structural. I’ll get back to sorting our the css and resolve that before too long.

And then, just while I’m trying to figure it all out, uh-oh, the blue screen of death. Again. And again. I spent the best part of a week working at the command line trying to find what was wrong, while poor DeepBlue just wanted die. In the early hours of the morning I dreamed what might be a solution. When I woke up I rushed down stairs, found a suitable sized screwdriver, opened the case, popped out the expanded memory, and *bing* the blue screen went away.

I have done a very thorough backup, restore, defrag, check, re-check, and everything else I can possibly think of to reduce my stress next time it happens. There’s a problem with the digital lifestyle – too much stuff is stored on hardware that’s subject to failure. Gee, I bet no one else has ever thought that. Today’s excursion has been into trying to get cURL working on DeepBlue’s XAMPP installation. Amazingly effortless.

Ok – now if I’ve done a great job of impressing you with my uber-geekiness, let me assure you that there is some standing on the shoulders of giants. For enabling cURL, as an example, a simple short posting that’s been very helpful. And there’s no doubt I would’ve never guessed the munted memory card without prompts from people who have figured out what the arcane codes e.g. 0xC0000005 (0xC8704C40, 0x00000000, 0x80524D4B, 0x00000000) on the blue screen of death mean (hint: rip out any additional memory and see how that goes). I’ve become really aware of how much generous sharing of geekoid information there is on the web. Thank you, one and all, plugin and widget writers, forum commenters, posters sharing – fantastic – thank you, please keep up the good work.

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