new year, new theme

We recently clicked over into the Year of the Rat. It’s traditional to celebrate the new year with new clothes. In the absence of money due to a recent thrashing of the credit card buying dental experiences (nearly there – only another hour to go at this point…) but I have started to explore a new theme here. It’s a work in progress. Unfortunately, the old theme has had some compatibility issues with the upgrades of the engine, and rather than spend time trying to re-sort the style sheet I decided it was time for a new look presentation.

It’ll take a few days to sort this new presentation but so far it seems to be working faithfully – as ever, the simple solutions are usually the best.

Later: Argh! Buggy, buggy, BUGGY. A curse on these browser incompatibilities. And another. Argh!

Much, much later, and three FIVE themes later: Much less buggy, widgets working-ish, and sort-of ok a bit in the browsers – at least it’s on screen. Slightly. Exhausting.

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