up to date-ish

At the end of a great deal of frustration I think I’ve finally managed to get most of the new template sorted, including the latest upgrade for the engine, and all the plugins the provide the background functions working. I’ve used up all the battery in my wireless mouse, and I’m restricted now to using the touchpad on DeepBlue. But it feels good – there’ll be some cosmetic fine tuning to get the visuals working how I want them for this year at least – and that should be sorted out over the next few days. At least now the pages are hanging together (as they should) in a number of different browsers. I do wish the majority of the world would use FireFox, or that MSoft would see its way clear to adopting the standard instead of its standard.

The big key is I’m feeling like writing again, and I know that I’ve got most of the presentation ducks in a row. Yay!

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