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Poster of the American Association of Libraries for Supplying Books to the Troops on Service - buy it now at allposters.comRegular readers (you know who you are) might’ve become bored with the selection of books on show from the AkoNet library (see over there, in the sidebar). Be bored no more, I’ve started to add more to the selection courtesy of LibraryThing. If you haven’t got yourself a LibraryThing account yet, well, that’s ok if you don’t have a book. If you do have a book, well, keep up! Accounts are free or $20 – cheap as Alfred E. Newman would say, and he’d know.

I’ve been adding books for over a year now – not in any mad rush, but I was surprised tonight to note that we’d clipped the ticket in order of 700+ books. I suddenly had a realisation that if we needed to make an insurance claim a nice documented list on LibraryThing would be a good thing from a replacement/valuation perspective. And then, of course, there is the slightly mad joy of seeing a booking the sidebar, thinking, “Hey cool”, and then knowing full well the chances of me being able find that book is probably one notch above zero. I think I need some military strength filing system, instead of our current ‘cheerful profusion’ model (as I cause rack and ruin amongst the order)…

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