Your hair.

It’s been a busy old few days recently – more about that soon. Meanwhile, I’ve returned to find my mail box glutted with some wonderful examples of fu-haiku.

Back and remember some sinister act upon the part nothing
more was done at this time. Throughout soon! Amen! Said
belle solemnly. The daily friction fuming. And on the right,
this gentleman all encased i was imbued with the idea that
it would be exciting he paused before adding, your doing
? And as a as yet of having less aptitude for his new career
sad and suffering as he was, she should never.

I defy you to say that doesn’t bring a tear to your eye – the depth, the meaning, the counterpoint of nuance, and some wankerish link to a Chinese domain name – yeah, right, as if I’m clicking there… especially when there’s another fu-haiku…

Your hair. I assure you that it has not detracted tribes
mentioned at teatime. Now, anne, though as a loaf of bread
and composed of compressed wrong to be poor, anyhow. Let
us give in to that which, in the arc of a circle between
northeast i did not pay those items you put down as debts
red stones: rubies and carbuncles and garnets, herself bodily
into all the family’s interests.

Could this be better? I think not. I love the Edgar Allan Poe reference in the stunning line, ‘Your hair.’ And the ‘anne’ in lowercase – what is the meaning of lowercase – is it an indication of a child, or simply, ‘Anne, your body and your family’s interests are nothing more than carbuncles to me.’

Normal service will be resumed shortly.

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