goldfish dreaming

Inclinations - buy this print from AllPosters.comLast night I dreamed about goldfish, in our pond, yes, the one by our front door. Huge goldfish – koi – rather than goldfish, to be more precise. The pond was full of flowering lilies and other aquatic plants. I couldn’t get over how happy and vibrant the fish were – they were just having the time of their lives. It was as though they were all smiling and generally loving life. Don’t tell me, I know, fish don’t smile. But these ones were just acting as though, ‘Oh yeah, baby, we got it going on, and yeah, you th’ man’.

We don’t have koi (calm down, biosecurity) – however based on my dream, the thought of koi is something rather wonderful, and I’d be most happy to attract more of that positive, happy energy; thank you.

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