the terrific threes

I’ve been writing here for three years now, averaging 71 thousand-odd (and some say VERY odd) words, and a published article every 2-3 days. Recently the every couple of days or so is harder to be believed, it’s the old story there – I can’t write everywhere every day, however I do write somewhere every day. Yes, even there. So, nett result, happy birthday Marginalia. I re-read our first August and I was entertained to see I wrote about the Vincent Ward movie, ‘What Dreams May Come’ – and spookily enough I rented it and watched last weekend. Still loving that movie.

But what dreams have come? Wonderful things have happened for me – and for us – over the last three years – gifts from Gods really. Fantastic travel with great new family – family because our friends are closer than family, new house, new job, new challenges, new opportunities, new ups and a fine range of new downs – and oh yes, like any three-year old, there’s no shortage of tears. Once I was in China, and the people spoke of the changeable weather we were experiencing as being like a baby’s face – smiles one moment, tears the next, then back to smiles – and that’s true of our lives recently too. I have no idea where I (and we) will find ourselves in a years time. I am looking forward to the new year and to reporting the days and ways and amaze as it unfolds.

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