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Geek alert! One of the great things about WordPress (that’s the do-dah that makes this writing space possible) is people have been able to bend their incredible creative and geeky skills to writing plugins. They’re useful (often very) mini-do-dahs that clip into the do-dah and make it more powerful/useful/attractive etc. And I can’t believe I’m writing about one such mini-do-dah – Broken Link Checker, by Latvian, Janis Elsts. Now while Janis has done a great job, there is a part of me that hates him – the part that has discovered there’s something like 110 broken links/missing images over this and the aquaculture spaces.

How unique though. Not that links are broken, but that in the ‘old’ days one would write and there was referencing to books, journals, manuscripts – whatever – but the expectation was/is that they will stay in print, or be available somewhere. Writing with links was seen to be *the * way to go in the web 2.0 world, but I sense a feeling of ‘I’ll link to my own writing’ to be sure that – as far as sensible I can control the availability of the resources, and sustain the credibility of the writing. Talk about fungible…meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’ll be spending some time sorting the links and renewing or removing them. And my future writing will be considering the robustness of the link destinations. Ah, the joys of new problems. We don’t know what we are training kids for – the jobs and issues are unknown at this point, because the technologies haven’t been invented yet.

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