Monthly Archives: October 2008

catalytic projection

I wrote earlier about how it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter. The message is, although we’ve been stuck inside and generally weather bound, connections to people and places and ideas and concepts and dreams have been exploding all over the place. I’ve always been really interested in loose affiliations and vague connections – the stuff of inspiration – mystery and imagination. Somewhere in the fusion of the six degrees of separation and how you don’t know how you have changed a person’s life is how our lives seem to have been working this year.

At times it’s felt more than a little overpowering, and at other times it’s been a complete blast. I haven’t been able to put it clearly in words, but, in a way typical of how the year has unfolded, I found a video that very accurately shows the year’s expression of our ideas and interactions – with each other, with you, and subsequently the rest of the population.

The best way to experience the full impact is to open the vid to full screen (click the second button in from the bottom right) and crank the audio volume up to melt-down-imminent-you-need-a-note-from-your-mother-to-do-this. May I present, our year of ideas and interactions with others in 3 minutes and 44 seconds… thanks, everyone, couldn’t do it without you.