fresh new day

Fresh New Day is our manifestation of what Marica Sevelj – my wife – and I believe to be true and what we strive for every day. It is about the process of seeing and living. The product is an added extra. That’s why we called it Fresh New Day because every day is an opportunity to create what it is you want for yourself and to create the you you want to be.

We are interested in how people can develop and expand their potential. We believe this can be achieved by self-reflection, and the effects are enhanced when this is reinforced with a powerful image. It’s not that the image has to be of some action-packed news stopping event, rather an image that is powerful in evoking an emotional response or perhaps a memory.

Our vision is to document our year in words and images, to explore the learning that can only be found by looking closely at aspects of our lives. We invite you to do the same – to explore your life through images and words – we think you’ll be surprised and delighted at the riches you will discover.

Some of the images I’ve made are shown here:

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