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scary alien errors

WordPress errors – scary aliens though they may be, are sometimes easily solved. Working on the Fresh New Day site (see tab above), I suddenly got the following error message snotted across the home page:

WordPress database error: [Table ‘freshnew_wrdp1.wp_post2cat’ doesn’t exist] SELECT p2c.category_id AS cat_id, COUNT(p2c.rel_id) AS numposts, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(max(posts.post_date_gmt)) + ’12’ AS last_post_date, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(max(posts.post_date_gmt)) AS last_post_date_gmt FROM wp_post2cat p2c INNER JOIN wp_posts posts ON p2c.post_id=posts.id WHERE 1 = 1 AND posts.post_type = ‘post’ AND posts.post_status = ‘publish’ AND posts.post_date_gmt <= '2009-09-12 22:21:41' GROUP BY p2c.category_id ORDER BY numposts DESC

ARGH! If you get this error message, people I feel your pain. I freaked out, repaired databases, and went into that gritted teeth panic mode best reserved for fighting aliens. What it turned out to be was instead of installing Amaury Balmer’s rather excellent Simple Tags plugin, in my hurry and scurry, I’d accidentally installed the Simple Tagging plugin. Oh, duh, that would be the plugin for WP 2.3 – not really designed to work with WP 2.8.4. So, a quick uninstall and calmness returns to my world. The aliens are happy, I am happy.