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how to explore (without a map) – part 1

Approximately two and a half years ago I was having a slightly tense moment (or twenty-two) trying to work out what I should research for the final project for my Masters of Communication from Victoria University. Um, yes, an education – nowadays they let anyone get one.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of the journey of development that people take – in literature, folk tale, and history, people undertake some kind of journey which changes them in some way. Traditionally, the change – the transition – was for the better – although I suspect it’s pretty much like landing an aircraft – any change (landing) you can walk away from is a good one.

My occupation is listed as ‘explorer’ in the electoral role – and I use that occupation when I travel. Why explorer? Because everything I do is an exploration. Some things I discover are great successes by all standards, and some are great successes by my standards.

So, one of the research projects I considered, and will return to in the future, is: ‘How to explore (without a map or much help along the way…)’.

I thought about the kind of research work James Cook and Sir Joseph Banks might’ve undertaken when they headed off in the Endeavour to observe the transit of Venus in the South Pacific. Not the ‘what’ did they do so much as the ‘how’ – and not the detail of the ‘how’, but the concept behind it. How could their methods be applied today, and if so, are their methods – or at least what I think are methods they might’ve used – in any way, applicable today?

The following posts outline how I would explore the Amazon, the Amazin, or your back yard. Where’s the Amazin? It’s the mighty river running in the unexplored territory that exists between your ears. Full of uncharted (and uncharming) territory and wildlife. Definitely worth exploring, and there’s absolutely no map – at least at this point. Isn’t it time you got started?

how to explore (without a map) –
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